Autodromo di Modena

Modena Race Track is the ideal place for trying out your own sports car, finetuning your motorcycle, or for experiencing the dizzy excitement of putting your foot to the floor in a Ferrari, all in total safety. High-adrenaline bends, fast straight stretches and ups and downs make the circuit particularly interesting for both cars and bikes.
{"lat": 44.63937189999999, "lng": 10.8053912, "description": "Strada Pomposiana, 255/A, 41123, Modena, Modena"}
{"05f0ccc6-4065-46b6-bd02-54dbb42504d7": {"@type": "title"}, "141118e6-9903-43a8-bf7b-c1f0e26aefc9": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "6qini", "text": "The circuit is available for hire by automotive and motorbike manufactures for testing their products in the development stage. Modena Autodrome is in the heart of Italy\u2019s Motor Valley: its geographical location makes the track logistically convenient, whilst providing the appropriate levels of privacy.The circuit\u2019s steep gradients make it ideal for experimental and approval tests, chassis tuning and refining vehicle set-ups.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "15961874-1ad8-43f5-a8f9-8185d85f1cae": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "95fu", "text": "Experience the emotional charge of driving a GT racing or rally car on the circuit! Sports cars can be booked and hired at the Modena Autodrome for that unique on-track excitement. Professional drivers are available to teach you all the secrets of the racetrack and to initiate you into the thrill of high performance driving.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "29c3b7ed-93ba-49c0-ba0f-0107fa8437be": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "efrm6", "text": "Driving courses:", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [{"offset": 0, "length": 16, "style": "BOLD"}], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "2bee85f2-1d5e-43fb-8af4-a65246f50cb8": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "fgopo", "text": "The Modena Autodrome is the ideal circuit for testing your sports car to the the limit, setting up your motorbike, and savouring these thrills in a safe environment. In the heart of Modena, catering for the entire community as well as racing enthusiasts. Consistent 12 metre width around the entire circuit. Thrilling bends, fast straights and undulating gradients make this a challenging and rewarding circuit for both cars and motorbikes. The terrain on which the Autodrome stands has been sculptured to create attractive gradients that make the circuit enjoyable for all drivers, as champions, engineers and experts have already experienced. More than two kilometres of circuit enabling engines to be pushed to their limits in a safe environment that still provides a wonderful sense of freedom.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "2dab1979-258b-49ba-8330-0c475cfc5e2c": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "1djin", "text": "Family packages ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [{"offset": 0, "length": 15, "style": "BOLD"}], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "56fb7683-f24f-49f8-a34b-86c1fe85d7c6": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "dgo5i", "text": "Events, incentives and team-building:\nFrom new product launches to brand meetings, Modena Autodrome is a fantastic stage for hosting a successful event. It is the ideal location for customer incentive programmes or for corporate team building exercises. The Autodrome offers world class facilities, professional instructors and experienced drivers, GT cars and sports cars. This provides the ideal platform for experiencing thrilling circuit laps, skill trials and advanced driving courses. Catering and meeting rooms complete the service offering, providing a complete unforgettable event.", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [{"offset": 0, "length": 37, "style": "BOLD"}], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "78a5a09f-8355-49b9-8912-5cfa47d7b5d6": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "3lh87", "text": "Green drive ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [{"offset": 0, "length": 12, "style": "BOLD"}], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "85542069-e4e2-4ff9-948c-28e1f3b0a55f": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "1im3", "text": "Dealers\u2019 special Sports and luxury car dealers will find Modena Autodrome an ideal partner that will enhance standard promotional activities. Top tier clients may be offered an exclusive gift: the chance to circuit-test the car they are thinking of purchasing, or have just bough.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "8ae49144-bdc9-4814-ae9f-f1f647d97753": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "31pi7", "text": "Modena Autodrome hosts rallies for vintage vehicles of both types. Special days, where history is brought to life by the roar of engines, will offer a journey back in time within the circuit\u2019s modern facilities.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "8fd8540f-d8d9-4487-a515-8cd5af72913e": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "5gk9h", "text": "Daily drive ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [{"offset": 0, "length": 12, "style": "BOLD"}], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "a051dbbe-cdb4-4b3f-a783-2fa21e876b65": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "cgupf", "text": "Sport drive ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [{"offset": 0, "length": 11, "style": "BOLD"}], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "a1f1209f-53c2-42ce-8822-a215ff787421": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "4ko3g", "text": "Circuit length: 2,007 metres\nWidth: 12 metres around the entire circuit\nAsphalt and gravel escape lanes\nPit lane with 21 stalls\nWiFi service\nTelemetry systems\nFully equipped paddock", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "bdff017a-b2eb-4a7c-a3af-9dbe58554cbe": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "563rs", "text": "Safe driving courses, open days, product tests, events/incentives; Modena Autodrome offers a wide variety of activities catering for all levels of enthusiasts. Importantly, female participants and the even the very youngest fans are offered specially designed events with a particular focus on their needs.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "daed8167-7176-45ba-b6fc-c550db9878fb": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "n1d5", "text": "The standard configuration is the ideal track for testing the handling and cornering performance of your vehicle. For technical trials and testing of on-road performance, the Omega-shaped section of the track can be opened up to provide a second straight about 480 metres long, parallel to the main one.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "f68ab319-9228-44be-a878-addadd5cc796": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"data": {}, "depth": 0, "entityRanges": [], "inlineStyleRanges": [], "key": "2it61", "text": "Open days offer an opportunity to drive your car or bike on the track in a thrilling atmosphere. Modena Autodrome is the best place for the new generation of motor sports lovers who want to test themselves on a challenging yet enjoyable circuit. The Autodrome\u2019s open days are your chance to share a genuine passion.", "type": "unstyled"}], "entityMap": {}}}, "d9c0ff27-1ee2-498c-8bb7-b41a8ff4d2b6": {"@type": "titleVM", "title": "To know before you go", "align": "left"}, "25340591-a8cc-4e13-a2a5-6d59123e4bc1": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "andqp", "text": "The driving course for learning to save fuel while you drive. Adopting a driving style that exploits the skills learned by today\u2019s automotive technology delivers an impressive reduction in fuel consumption. ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "03f74c4e-391e-4f08-ba58-1b4652b58d5f": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "ck44n", "text": "For improving everyday driving skills. For those who wish to perfect their driving technique, for greater skill at the wheel in town or on mountain roads, tackling even icy or wet surfaces with greater safety. ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "82182a1a-9b74-4001-b016-98dcc9bfc6a5": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "9o6m5", "text": "The opportunity to specialise in sports driving. Courses offer a high technical standard intended for sports car enthusiasts who like to drive fast on the track and experience the thrill of speed. The course teaches the secrets used by the professional drivers for tackling bends and straights at speed in safety. ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}, "7e8acc9f-0b41-434e-a420-48b4b999b2aa": {"@type": "text", "text": {"blocks": [{"key": "9mgua", "text": "Special courses for the whole family. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters - they can all share a fun learning experience at the safe driving courses specially organised by the Modena Autodrome. ", "type": "unstyled", "depth": 0, "inlineStyleRanges": [], "entityRanges": [], "data": {}}], "entityMap": {}}}}
{"items": ["05f0ccc6-4065-46b6-bd02-54dbb42504d7", "2bee85f2-1d5e-43fb-8af4-a65246f50cb8", "a1f1209f-53c2-42ce-8822-a215ff787421", "daed8167-7176-45ba-b6fc-c550db9878fb", "bdff017a-b2eb-4a7c-a3af-9dbe58554cbe", "f68ab319-9228-44be-a878-addadd5cc796", "141118e6-9903-43a8-bf7b-c1f0e26aefc9", "56fb7683-f24f-49f8-a34b-86c1fe85d7c6", "85542069-e4e2-4ff9-948c-28e1f3b0a55f", "8ae49144-bdc9-4814-ae9f-f1f647d97753", "15961874-1ad8-43f5-a8f9-8185d85f1cae", "d9c0ff27-1ee2-498c-8bb7-b41a8ff4d2b6", "29c3b7ed-93ba-49c0-ba0f-0107fa8437be", "78a5a09f-8355-49b9-8912-5cfa47d7b5d6", "25340591-a8cc-4e13-a2a5-6d59123e4bc1", "8fd8540f-d8d9-4487-a515-8cd5af72913e", "03f74c4e-391e-4f08-ba58-1b4652b58d5f", "a051dbbe-cdb4-4b3f-a783-2fa21e876b65", "82182a1a-9b74-4001-b016-98dcc9bfc6a5", "2dab1979-258b-49ba-8330-0c475cfc5e2c", "7e8acc9f-0b41-434e-a420-48b4b999b2aa"]}

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